Ferrario A, Kanavos P. Managed entry agreements for medicines: the European experience. London: London School of Economics and Political Science; 2013. 154. Lucas F, Easley C, Jackson G. The usefulness and challenges of patient health systems (risk sharing) in the UK. Health value. 2009;12 (7):A243. Our study shows that after the 2007-08 economic crisis, the debate and implementation of THE RSA has increased considerably.

As a result, the number of RSAs has increased as more evidence has been gathered and presented as quantitative articles. In addition, fluctuations were seen in the number of qualitative articles published, as the sustainability, budgetary impact and sustainability of RSOs were discussed and discussed. In the following years, a considerable number of qualitative and quantitative peer review articles were published, providing invaluable data and information on the number of ARSs implemented and the results of some previous systems. These articles also confirmed the problems faced by national health cost recipients, as pharmaceutical spending continued to increase significantly in many OECD countries [66]. Several articles have concluded that there is no “one size fits all” or a perfect method of risk-sharing, and it should only be used if standard access conditions are hampered by uncertainty about cost-effectiveness [2, 5, 46]. Further studies have shown that special reflection needs to be given on the relevance of an RSA, its objectives and the availability of staff and IT systems. Trends in peer review articles on the risk-sharing agreement are represented in the number of items (blue diamond), quality (square orange) and quantitative (grey triangle). The critical events for the price negotiations in Europe are in grey boxes and the corresponding years are marked by orange arrows. The four global themes and the corresponding calendar are represented under the x axis in blue boxes. AIFA Italian Medicines Agency, AMNOG Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganization Act, DE Germany, EMA European Medicines Agency, NHS National Health Service, NICE National Institute for Care and Excellence, HTA Health Technology Assessment, IT Italy, PAS Patient Access Scheme, PBRSA performance-based risk sharing, PPRS Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme, RSA risk-sharing agreement, UK United, Kingdom VBP value-based pricing The Janssen-Cilag proposal for a risk-sharing agreement regarding Boromitez received a welcome signal. The Fair Trade Office report included risk-sharing agreements as an instrument available for the national health service.