Walter Productions

Walter Productions

+372 5358 5998
Mere pst 20, Tallinn
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Helistuudio Tallinnas

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Walter Productions is a professional audio recording studio located in the city center of Tallinn, Estonia arcgis pro downloaden. The facility resides in the legendary Linnahall building, built in the 1980’s specifically for entertainment and cultural purposes.

The layout of the studio can be considered a very conventional studio space, with a big hall type room for recording instruments, small room for vocals or accoustic instruments, a control room, smoking area and leisure area sims für mac downloaden.

Equipment wise Walter Productions is a hybrid studio with the main sound around the legendary Allen & Heath GL3800 analog mixing board with a number of analog devices for dynamic control and effects musik herunterladen mehr als 90 minuten.

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We believe that when you do things with passion magic happens herunterladen!

We believe that when you do things with passion magic happens guten morgen bilder gratis herunterladen!


The studio is equipped with A&H GL3800 analog console and RME converters for professional quality tracking of up to 24 tracks simultaneously.


We mix in a hybrid work space, using the full potential of analog equipment together with digital audio manipulation to satisfy the needs of every customer.


In order to take Your recordings to the next level, we offer professional mastering and finilising of Your music to desired formats either for Vinyl, streaming platforms, CD etc.


During our years of service we have had hundreds of recording sessions with about 50 official releases (excluding singles, demos etc). Please visit our Discogs page for a more accurate list of recordings we have worked on!


In order to get addition information on our services or a detailed price quote, please get in touch via the form below!

+372 5358 5998
Mere pst 20, Tallinn